• European Human Genetics Conference - Submission of Proposals for Workshops

    Please take care to fill in all requied fields (marked with a *).

    You will have to indicate
    - one topic,
    - at least one suggestion for an organiser, including their email addresse(s),
    - as well as an outline of the workshop topic.

    It is not mandatory to include speakers and talk titles, but those can be listed in the description.

    Please be informed that workshop speakers are not funded by the conference budget.

    Please make sure to send your proposal until June 28 the latest.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    If you wish to submit a Speaker for a Symposium or an Educational Session, please use another form.

  • Name of Proposal Submitter
  • The title is tentative and should describe the scope/focus of the workshop rather than being an actual title for the final programme.
  • Please indicate at least one possible organiser and an email address.
  • Please add a description of the workshop and (if applicable) possibilities for interactivity with the audience.
  • Please list links of supporting information/media/documents.